Introduction to Sula Wines and how to sell them in your hotel

Welcome to yet another video tutorial from Hoteltutor dot com. In this video, we are going to discuss all you want to know about Sula Wines.

We will learn a little about the history and geography of the wine and the company. We will also look at how to sell these wines with confidence so that you can improve the revenue of your restaurant.

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Sula wines started when the first vines were planted by Rajeev Samant way back in 1996. Before starting Sula, he was working in California. During a visit to his hometown, he visited the agricultural land that belonged to his family in Nasik. Nasik was already popular at that time for growing table grapes and was known to be the largest producer of table grapes in India. So when Rajeev went back to America, he explored the idea of making wine in Nasik. He worked with his friend who owned a small vineyard and then never looked back.

While a large portion of India is not suitable for growing grapes, the climate of Nasik is unique and helps the vines grow well. As I mentioned earlier, Nasik was already popular for table grapes, but Sula was not the first vineyard in the country. Others were on the same path of making wines in India. Before Sula, there were Grover and chateau indage wines. They are still around, but Sula is a very well-known brand in India and around the world. It is because of Sula Wines that Nasik came to be known as the wine capital of India, much like the Napa Valley in the United States of America.

So with this knowledge of history and geography, let us get to learn some of the wines it produces, how to pair them with food and more importantly how to sell them in your restaurant.

Sula markets its wines under 4 brands. The Rasa collection, Dindori reserve, The Source and Sula classics.

In this tutorial we will discuss 4 wines from the Sula classic collection. One sparkling, One white, One red, and One rose. This will be your starting point to learn about the wines and the company.

The sparkling wine we are discussing today is Sula Brut Tropicale. The sparkling wine is crisp and has flavours of passion fruit, peaches, pears and apple. It is made with a blend of 2 grapes. It is a very refreshing drink that pairs well with salads, fried seafood and pasta with a creamy sauce. And of course, when someone is celebrating some occasion in your restaurant you need to recommend it. And while it is a great sparking wine, the bottle with its beautiful art lends itself to a perfect gift. So recommend this sparkling wine with confidence and if anyone says they want to buy a bottle as a gift, please by all means sell this bottle.

The second wine we will explore is the Sula Chenin blanc. It is very easy to drink white wine and is very popular in India. The flavour of melon, pear and tropical fruits make it a popular choice of wine for pairing with fried fish, Gujarati dishes and salads. It is a fruity wine, so Indians and people who like sweets will find appreciate it. One way to sell more of it is to make it your house pour. You won’t go wrong with it.

When it comes to red wine, sell the Sula zinfandel. It is made with 100 per cent zinfandel grapes and has flavours of berries, plum and cinnamon. This wine will go well with spicy shorba or any other soup, or curries. Sell this wine by the glass as part of a course-wise meal.

Now the last wine the zinfandel rose is different wine from the red we spoke of earlier. This is a great drink for a summer afternoon and has flavours of strawberry, cranberry, and lemon. This is the ideal brunch wine if you are not selling sparkling wine brunch. A good crisp rose, you can serve throughout the meal.

If you sell this, I am sure your guest will like you.

Now, this is all we are talking about in this video, but you can learn more with our courses. Remember to sell more wines in your restaurant, because when you sell more you earn more